Groundwater Investigation and Monitoring – Kinney County, Texas

Kinney County

Since 2011, EcoKai has been assisting the Kinney County Groundwater Conservation District in west Texas with the development and implementation of a Groundwater Monitoring Network.  EcoKai has programmed, installed, maintained, and collected data from over 50 groundwater and stream monitoring locations covering an area of more than 1,000 square miles of the County.  The data allows the District to manage the production and quality of groundwater within the District on a sustainable basis that allows the capture of water flowing through the County without jeopardizing the availability of water during extended periods of low rainfall.  Much of the sensor network is installed in remote rural areas spread across the County.  EcoKai is currently developing an integrated cellular network telemetry system with a cloud-based data services platform to provide the District with real-time access to data and to reduce data collection costs.  The data provided by the data logging network continues to support the District in their mission to develop, promote, and implement water conservation and management strategies to conserve, preserve, and protect the groundwater supplies of the District.

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