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EcoKai Services

Healthy ecosystems have a balanced interaction of many complex water and vegetative stresses. EcoKai embraces scientific principles and practical experience with an adaptive management approach to give our clients proven success.

EcoKai staff has nearly two decades of experience performing hydrological, biological, and geomorphological monitoring along several streams throughout the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  In addition, EcoKai has extensive experience reliably collecting hydrological data in remote environments through the strategic installation of instrumentation in groundwater wells and surface water locations to create comprehensive hydrological monitoring networks for the purpose of water resource management.

Natural Resources


  • Development and Implementation of Groundwater Monitoring Programs
  • Conceptual Groundwater Modeling
  • Groundwater Basin Evaluation
  • Water Quality Sampling, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Wastewater Mounding Studies
  • Surface Water Hydrology


  • Habitat Assessment
    • General Biological evaluations
    • Sensitive Species surveys
    • Nesting Bird Monitoring and Surveys
  • Habitat Restoration and Monitoring
    • Wetland / Riparian
    • Desert Habitats
    • Coastal Sage Scrub
  • Vegetation Management
    • Fire Management Planning
    • Invasive Species Removal
    • Eel grass surveys
  • Jurisdictional Delineations

Regulatory Permitting, Monitoring, & Reporting

  • Regional Water Quality Control Board
    • Clean Water Act Section 401/402
    • Water Quality Certification
    • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
    • MS4 / WDR / SWPPP
  • California Department of Fish and Game Code 1600-1616
    • Streambed Alteration Agreements
  • Army Corp of Engineers
    • Clean Water Act Section 404

Remote Data Acquisition and Instrumentation

  • Remote Measurement Systems
  • Datalogger Installation and Programming
  • Remote Sensing and Telemetry
  • Soil Moisture Sensors (Water Reflectormeters)
  • Stream Pressure Transducers
  • Barometric Pressure Sensors