Eco-[ē-koh;] - Environment, natural habitat.
Kai– [kī] – ocean or area near the sea.
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EcoKai Services

Healthy ecosystems have a balanced interaction of many complex water and vegetative stresses. EcoKai embraces scientific principles and practical experience with an adaptive management approach to give our clients proven success.


Natural Resources

• Development and Implementation of Groundwater Monitoring Programs
• Conceptual Groundwater Modeling
• Groundwater Basin Evaluation
• Water Quality Sampling, Analysis, and Reporting
• Wastewater Mounding Studies
• Surface Water Hydrology

• Habitat Assessment
       > General Biological evaluations
       > Sensitive Species surveys
       > Nesting Bird Monitoring and Surveys
• Habitat Restoration and Monitoring
       > Wetland / Riparian
       > Desert Habitats
       > Coastal Sage Scrub
• Vegetation Management
       > Fire Management Planning
       > Invasive Species Removal
       > Eel grass surveys
• Jurisdictional Delineations

Regulatory Permitting, Monitoring, & Reporting
• Regional Water Quality Control Board
        > Clean Water Act Section 401/402
        > Water Quality Certification
        > National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
        > MS4 / WDR / SWPPP
• California Department of Fish and Game Code 1600-1616
        > Streambed Alteration Agreements
• Army Corp of Engineers
         >Clean Water Act Section 404
Remote Data Acquisition and Instrumentation
• Remote Measurement Systems
• Datalogger Installation and Programming
• Remote Sensing and Telemetry
• Soil Moisture Sensors (Water Reflectormeters)
• Stream Pressure Transducers
• Barometric Pressure Sensors
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September, 2015
Ballona Wetland Coastal Clean Up Day

June, 2013
EcoKai's Four Year Anniversary

October, 2012
Nesting Bird Monitoring

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