Eco-[ē-koh;] - Environment, natural habitat.
Kai– [kī] – ocean or area near the sea.
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Selected Projects
  Lee Vining Creek
This biological resource management and regulatory permit compliance project is located approximately one mile east of the Yosemite National Park boundary. EcoKai has programmed and installed Campbell Scientific remote data acquisition equipment that currently logs daily readings for soil moisture, depth to groundwater, and stream flow in locations of over 9400 ft msl. The effort is being completed in compliance with a special use permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service and Southern California Edison’s license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) for hydroelectric generating facilities. EcoKai has completed similar work in approximately 20 other separate site locations in the Eastern Sierras.
  Water Quality Sampling and Water Re-Use Evaluation
EcoKai is assisting a commercial client in Beverly Hills California in compliance with their NPDES Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting requirements for the Regional Water Quality Control Board. In addition, EcoKai is currently evaluating on site water re-use options to reduce or eliminate the Groundwater Replenishment Fee imposed by the City of Beverly Hills.
  Valley Center Hydrogeological Characterization
Completed technical studies in support of the projects CEQA document (EIR) that included an initial hydrogeological site characterization, groundwater model, and water quality analysis. Regulatory permits were submitted to the County of San Diego and the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board outlining Waste Discharge Report requirements and recommended methodology for compliance with local groundwater basin standards and overall compliance with the California’s Porter – Cologne Water Quality Act.
  Vegetation Management & Fuel
Modification Plan

EcoKai is currently developing a Fire Management Plan for a Water Treatment Facility in Orange County California. The plan will require coordination with several agencies including the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Orange County Fire Authority. When completed, this effort will allow staff to manage the clearing and thinning of surrounding vegetation for the protection of human life and property in a manner that is consistent with the facilities Habitat Conservation Plan, USFWS 10(a) permit, and continued operation of the facility that provides drinking water to millions of customers in Orange County, California.
  Taft Sanitary Landfill
As part of Taft Sanitary Landfill (SLF) expansion, this regulatory and permitting effort was in support of the project’s CEQA document. EcoKai completed regulatory permitting and advised the client for federal Clean Water Act (CWA) Sections 401 & 404 compliance and submitted a 1602 Streambed Alternation package for CDFG Section 1600 compliance. In addition, EcoKai subconsultant staff completed the Jurisdictional Delineation prior to regulatory agency permit submittals.
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September, 2015
Ballona Wetland Coastal Clean Up Day

June, 2013
EcoKai's Four Year Anniversary

October, 2012
Nesting Bird Monitoring

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