Eco-[ē-koh;] - Environment, natural habitat.
Kai– [kī] – ocean or area near the sea.
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EcoKai Environmental, Inc.

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Welcome to EcoKai Environmental Inc.

EcoKai is a southern California based environmental consulting firm dedicated to the conservation and responsible management of natural ecosystems. Our firm specializes in the study and assessment of hydrological and biological resources and the application of solutions to environmental challenges. Our expertise includes water quality sampling and analyses, resource mitigation monitoring and reporting, aquatic and biological impact assessments, vegetation management, native habitat restoration, and regulatory permitting for the Clean Water Act and State Fish & Wildlife Code (ACOE §404, RWQCB §401 & 402, and CDFW §1600,). Although, the foundation of our experience is throughout southern California and the Santa Monica Bay, we have extensive experience in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and have completed many projects in other states. EcoKai is a certified small business enterprise (SBE), Regional Business Enterprise (RBE), and a State and federally recognized Small Business Set-Aside registered to practice professional engineering in California, Texas, Hawaii, and Washington. We are proud of global organizations like 1% for the Planet and have acted locally to support our Santa Monica Bay colleagues at the Friends of Ballona Wetlands, LMU’s Center for Santa Monica Bay Studies, the Bay Foundation, and LA Waterkeeper.
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  • Water quality sampling & analysis
  • Groundwater assessment
  • Surface water monitor & reporting
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4)
  • Environmental Compliance and Management
  • Vegetation management
  • Habitat assessment, restoration & monitoring
  • Biological and Archeological Monitoring
  • State & federal regulatory permitting
    & compliance
  • Irrigation System Design and Evaluation
EcoKai Friends

September, 2015
Ballona Wetland Coastal Clean Up Day

June, 2013
EcoKai's Four Year Anniversary

October, 2012
Nesting Bird Monitoring

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